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As a part of a Kyiv-based development studio Noisy Miner I designed an app based on popular guide by Osnovy Publishing. Cover illustration by Zukentiy Gorobiyov.

Available on the AppStore

Kyiv is intoxicating. The city explodes with art and culture. Across Kyiv’s numerous squares, locals debate politics, play chess and gossip. Its layered history, lush parks and hidden islands along the wide Dnipro provide for endless exploration. Its tree-lined promenades entice lovers to stroll, and revelers to gawk. It’s a city of flâneurs. Of poets. Of politics.

With this app we are pleased to share with you our love of Kyiv! This is neither a guide nor a manual. Rather, it’s an insight into the city we adore—wonderful, fascinating and strange. Inside the app you’ll find references to major historical events, famous and talented residents, art, culture, sports, literature, traditions and even beloved street food.

The full version of Awesome Kyiv has 80 illustrated articles and GPS locations of hidden gems for off-beat city walks. Both free and full version of the guide have a curated list of exciting local events.